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100% Organic Seeds

We offer a variety of organic seeds that are used in cooking, salads, pickles, sprouting and medicine. We offer coriander seeds, caraway, celery seeds, black cumin seeds, fennel, cumin seeds, black/brown mustard, yellow/bald mustard, fenugreek seeds and dill seeds in bulk and retail packs. Most of the seeds that we offer can be germinated. Cumin, coriander and fennel seeds are little hard to germinate.
These seeds can be used together to make spice blends for Asian, African, Middle Eastern cooking.


Growing sprouts in your kitchen is almost like growing vegetables in a garden, but without all the work. You can harvest these little wonders all year round, so you can enjoy fresh produce in every season. They grow rapidly and are incredibly economical. Just 1 cup of dried moong beans, for instance, yields about 4 cups of sprouts. Fenugreek seeds, black seeds, Dill Seeds can be sprouted in a small pot or even bowls.

Simply speaking, sprouts are seeds that have begun to germinate. As they grow, protein and vitamins increase. Most sprouts have 12 percent more protein than their original seeds. What’s more, their B vitamins jump three to ten times, and vitamin A. E and K also increase. Best of all sprouting creates lot of vitamin C for protection from infections – even though the dry seeds don’t have any.

Sprouts are high in fiber and retain whatever minerals the original seeds have. They also low in calories: As a bonus, bean sprouts tend to be less troublesome than cooked beans as far as flatulence goes. That is partly because the carbohydrates that cause gas are broken down in the sprouting process.
And get this: Wheat sprouts have been shown to inhibit the genetic damage to cells caused by some cancer-causing agents.

Organic seeds are free from chemical pesticide, chemical fertilizer, additives and irradiation. All our seeds are GMO FREE.


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