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100% Organic Dried White Mulberries (Pack of 12)

100% Organic Dried White Mulberries (Pack of 12)

$ 12.99

White Mulberry, also popularly known as Turkish Super fruit. They are in golden color and have a sweet, chewy taste. Mulberries are native to the Morus genus of trees and can be found in many parts of the world nowadays, but they originated in the Far East, traveling along the Silk Road from China to Turkey. Mature mulberries feature the powerful antioxidant resveratrol which is also present in red wine. Recent studies have shown that resveratrol has the potential to promote a healthy heart. Mulberries support healthy blood sugar levels. A great addition to trail mix, cereals, energy bars, baked goods or as a scrumptious treat eaten straight from the bag.

Origin: Turkey

Available in 12 pack count.



Dried White Mulberries Want to Party

Try filling celery sticks with peanut butter or cream cheese, then topping with crumbled dried white mulberries for a wonderful twist on an old favorite. For another taste adventure you can make a crunchier version with pretzel rods or apple slices as the base. Get creative and enjoy!


Dried White Mulberries Like to Mingle

I bet you have tried numerous different ingredients in green and fruit salads. Have you ever considered introducing a mouth-watering new flavor and texture dimension with chopped dried white mulberries? Give them a try and they may become your new culinary mvp.


Dried White Mulberries Enjoy Dessert

It is possible you have overlooked a tongue-tickling treat. Many people have indulged their chocolate fetish and failed to fully explore the tangy alternatives. How about trying your favorite ice cream served with some diced fruit and topped with dried white mulberries? The possibilities are endless.


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